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Real Estate Portal Development

Real Estate Portal Development

Property search has revolutionized over the years across the world. From its traditional broker-based approach to a web search mode, the learned property managers are always available. The real estate portals are majorly classified sites, which provide the option of selling, buying, and renting properties. However, in the modern day and age, they do a lot more. The transformed online websites offer an enhanced property search experience. It is about moving from a mere classified site to a popular online destination that suits the customer’s property needs.

The term “Real Estate portals” is just a fancier way of referring to real estate websites. Many realtors and property management specialists now own their own websites because they realize the value of these sites when it comes to generating leads, bringing in prospective tenants and buyers, and closing deals for them. If you are a realtor who is looking to find a tenant for a landlord or a buyer to buy one of your properties, then you should explore the value of setting up Real Estate portals.

We provide highly customized services to upgrade your property business of buying and selling. The company develops portals for listing your properties in an innovative and scalable manner. We highly emphasize flexibility and personalized content to attract potential buyers and sellers only. We also aim to increase the transaction speed while purchasing or selling properties to improve your portal’s ranking.

Real estate portals are professional looking and powerful portals, basically used to deal with rich functionalities for the private sellers, buyers and real estate agents to list properties for sale or rent, search in the database. The private sellers found their administration space personally and can manage their ads at any time through their personal administration space. There is also use a special functionality for real estate agents to manage various ads and affiliates. It includes a powerful back office application providing full control over the web site for the real estate portal i.e. ads, sellers, agents, affiliates, statistics to the administrators.


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