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What is a Payment Gateway ?

If you are going to start an online store, then you need to make sure that you are using the experts in payment gateway integration services to help you set it up. Payment Gateway is a tool that enables merchants to accept payments directly from their business portal such as mobile application or websites. Payment Gateway allows secure transfer of buyer details such as card/bank details/wallet to the other bodies involved in the transaction. At Multicore Solutions we integrate payment gateway through APIs making payments easier.

A Payment Gateway software is an application that serves as an interface between a seller’s website and a customer’s bank that will process the credit or debit card transaction. In today’s age of cybercrime, online businesses need to process payments in a secure and reliable way. Although the details are more complex, this is what payment gateway software does.

How does Payement Gateway works ?

Let’s say you buy a laptop online with a Mastercard issued by Wells Fargo. You submit your payment details, which typically include the card number, the expiration date, your name and address, and maybe the CCV code.

When you submit that information, it is sent directly to the payment gateway. The transmission usually occurs over a secure network, such as a TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). When the payment gateway software receives the payment details, it encrypts them and sends the data onto the next link in the chain, which is the merchant’s processor.

Eventually (we’re talking about seconds or less), the transaction is approved or rejected by the issuing bank. If it’s approved, the transaction is sent back to the payment gateway, which transmits it back to the website.

Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration

img Flexible service
img Real time payment
img Secured transfer of funds
img Easy installation
img Online payment receipt
img Complete transaction history
img Instant information processing
img Quick processing of transaction

Standard Features Of Payment Gateway Integration

Easy integration
Detailed reporting
Invoicing options
Multiple payment options
Fast processing speed
Automation of Processes
Supporting Various Payment Options